Monday, July 21, 2008

New Post

Here are a few more things I just uploaded last night. Leave comments if you dig what you find.

Letchen Grey- Party Politics

Lethal Boyz- 1991 Demo

Lethal Lipstik- There Goes The Neighborhood

Odin- By The Gods

Odin- Caution!

Odin- Don't Take No For An Answer

Odin- Fight For Your Life

Odin- The Gods Must Be Crazy

Ultra Pop- Adventures In Fantasy

Ultra Pop- Ultra Pop

Whyte Lace- Demo

Wrathchild- Stakkheel Strutt

Wrathchild- Stakk Attakk

Wrathchild- Trash Queens

Wrathchild- The Bizz Suxx....

Wrathchild- Delirium

Friday, July 18, 2008

Jetboy albums

Here are a few albums by Jetboy.

A Day In The Glamorous Life

Lost And Found

Make Some More Noise

One More For Rock 'N Roll