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More Sleaze/Glam/Metal/Punk Links!!

Ratt - Scattered Droppings (1998)

Demos and studio outtakes of Ratt & Stephen Pearcy projects.
Tracks 11-18 are from Arcade, Vertex, and Vicious Delite

01. Born On The Bayou (acoustic live)
02. She's Got Everything
03. I'm Losing You
04. Whole Lotta Rosie
05. Running on Borrowed Time
06. Run Around with Me
07. Satisfaction
08. Chances
09. Fire Me Up
10. Drivin' on E
11. Reckless
12. Polaroids
13. One Like a Son (Remix)
14. Dizzy
15. I Don't Need
16. Wasting My Time
17. I Got to Have It
18. Everytime I See You


1. Makin' A Mess
2. Walk With A Stranger
3. Dirty World
4. Knock Knock Baby
5. 18 & Life
6. Sweet Little Sister
7. Piece Of Me
8. Shame Shame
9. Can't Stand The Heartache
10. Love Comes Down
11. Midnight/Tornado (Ver.1)
12. Waiting For Me
13. Rattlesnake Shake (Ver.1)
14. Can't Wait Till It's Here
15. Midnight/Tornado (Ver.2)
16. Rattlesnake Shake (Ver.2)
17. Money In A Hurry
18. Shine In The Night

Iron Maiden - Bruce's audition tapes 1981

1 - Twilight Zone
2 - Wrathchild
3 - Killers

Thrust Demos- Post Sweet FA band of singer Stephen David Delong

Moonshine Demos -- Post Babylon AD with singer Derek

Slut- Demos (With Jim Gillette)

1. Dolls Of Lust
2. Dr. Monster
3. Perversion For A Price
4. Back To The City
5. Lipstick Lover
6. He's A Whore
7. Don't Touch My Hat

I think these were recorded around 1986 or so.

Randy Rhoads - Obscurity

Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 01 - Suicide Show (EP)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 02 - Just How You Want It (EP)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 03 - Back To The Coast (EP)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 04 - Trecherous (Outtake)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 05 - Mighty Quinn (Outtake)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 06 - Overline (Outtake)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 07 - Picking Up The Pieces
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 08 - Mr. Cool (Outtake)
Randy Rhoads - Obscurity - 09 - Always On The Run (Demo)

Queensryche - The Warning Demos

Before the Storm
Child of Fire
No Sanctuary
Roads to Madness
Waiting For the Kill

NECTAR- a post Kik Tracee band featuring on vocals, STRIPPER GIRL GUY STEPHEN SHAREAUX!!!
Weird trippy stuff

Queensryche - Covers Demos And Rarities

2 Miles High
Chasing Blue Sky
Dance the Night Away
Flames Keep Rising (Demo)
From The Darkside (Demo)
Love Don't Live Here Anymore
Myth (Demo)
One (Creed cover) Laughing
Real World
Scarborough Fair

Queensryche - Rare Demo Tracks

Rage For Order (1985 Demo)
Raising Fear (1985 Demo)
Roads to Madness (Demo)
The Dream (1985 Demo)
Waiting For The Kill (Demo)
Walk In The Shadows (1985 Demo)

SLAYER-Def Jam Records Demo 1986

1. Criminally Insane
2. Altar of Sacrifice
3. Reborn
4. Jesus Saves
5. Raining Blood

Two Legs Up Demos:

Legs Up- Demo I

01 Take Me To The City
02 All Alone
03 Love Or Money
04 Sleaze, Booze & More Bad News
05 She's A Bomb (Bang Bang)
06 Lock Your Door
07 Want It, Need It
08 Sleaze, Booze & More Bad News (II)
09 Last Goodbye
10 Don't Say Maybe
11 Don't Let Go
12 Escape
13 Rock 'N Roll Rodeo
14 Shootin' Up The Town
15 Hell & High Water

Legs Up- Demo II

01 Down On You
02 Take Me To The City
03 All Alone
04 Love Or Money
05 Let It Roll
06 Sleaze, Booze & More Bad News
07 Liar
08 Wrong Side Of Town
09 She's A Bomb (Bang Bang)
10 Lock Your Door
11 Want It, Need It


Has nearly all their early recordings before they were signed

Track listing--

1--I Can't Remember
2--Distance Aside
3--Sea of Sorrow
5--Social Parasite
7--King of the Kats
8--We've Become
9--Suffragette City
10--Queen of the Rodeo
11--Chemical Addiction
12--Killing Yourself
13--Fairytale Love Story
15--We Die Young
16--I Can't Have You Blues
17--Lip Lock Rock
18--Fat Girls
19--Over the Edge
20--Sealed With a Kiss
21--Ya Yeah Ya
22--Glamorous Girls
23--Don't Be Satisfied
24--Hush Hush

VAN HALEN-Unreleased Roth

Vintage unreleased tracks from the Roth era. Some are live and some are studio demos.

1--Angel Eyes
2--Babe Don't Leave Me Alone
3--Believe Me
4--Big Trouble
6--Down in Flames
7--Eyes of the Night
8--Get Down Tonight
9--Get the Show On the Road
10--Here's Just What She Wanted
11--Honolulu Baby
12--I Wanna Be Your Lover
13--Last Night
14--Let's Get Rockin'
15--Man on the Silver Mountain
16--No More Waiting
17--Piece of Mind
18--Put Out the Lights
19--She's the Woman
20--Voodoo Queen
21--Young and Wild

Black Sabbath - The Dehumanizer Demos

The link contains three discs. The first is all instrumental, the second contains two Geezer Butler Band tracks and some unreleased stuff and alternate takes, and the third disc is all unreleased, alt takes, and instrumental stuff. The unreleased tracks are "Bad Blood", "The Next Time", and an untitled track. There are a ton of "Computer God" alt takes on here, some with different lyrics. The Geezer Butler Band songs are great, with "Computer God" being a favorite.

Dead Kennedys- 1978 demo

1. Kepone Kids
2. Forward To Death
3. California Uber Alles
4. Your Emotions
5. Kill The Poor
6. Forward To Death
7. Viva Las Vegas
8. Unknown #1
9. Unknown #2
10. Dreadlocks Of The Suburbs
11. Rawhide
12. Mutations Of Today
13. Cold Fish
14. Holiday In Cambodia
15. Kidnap
16. Man With The Dogs
17. I Kill Children

The Bikini Carwash Company
Unofficial soundtrack comprised of demos by Shake City and New Haven

1. New Haven - Long Night Out
2. Shake City - Game Of War
3. Shake City - Lust & Love
4. Shake City - Sweet Dreams
5. New Haven - Love On The Rox
6. New Haven - Draw The Line
7. Shake City - Betty Blue
8. Shake City - One Good Reason
9. New Haven - Part Of Me
10. Shake City - Hot Love
11. New Haven - Rockin' Chair

Track 2 is a cover of the Warrant track (vocalist Adam Shore was in both bands)

Slamhound - Chaos Personified (unreleased album)
Pre Buckcherry with Josh Todd

1. Spit
2. Love Junk
3. Yakk!
4. Dog
5. Hell In A Sandbag
6. Glass Casket
7. Skin
8. The Devil Goes Public
9. Sugar Don't Knock At My Door
10. Full Of Sin
11. Chaos Personified
12. Dog (original version)

Forgotten Child- Forgotten Child

Forgotten Child- Rock 'N Roll Salvation

Jungle Alley- 1988 Demo

Whyte Lace- Demo

Revlover- 1988 Demo

Trash Cowboys demo.

Track Listing
1.When It's Over
2.Call Me Crazy
3.Fashion Girl
4.Trash City
5.Bad Attitude

Fatal Attraction demos

Trey Valentine-vocals
Johnny Crystal-guitars
J.D. Shadowz-dums
Michael Dee-bass

1. All Night Long
2. All of your Blood
3. Dead on Arrival
4. I Know what I want
5. Night Calls
6. Preach This
7. stone Cold Dead
8. Tonight
9. You've Got to Bleed

The Damned - Dodgy Demo
01. Love Song (demo)
02. Burglar (demo)

Angel - Rarities
20th CENTURY FOXES (from the foxes soundtrack)
WALK AWAY RENEE (a cover of the left banke hit)
THE CHRISTMAS SONG (the b-side of the winter song)
BETTER DAYS (the b-side on ain`t gonna eat out my heart anymore)
CHICKEN SOUP (from the 1976 fm broadcast of the kBFH)
THE FORTUNE (from the 1976 fm broadcast of the KBFH)
WHITE LIGHTNING (from the 1976 fm broadcast of KBFM)
YOU`RE SO COLD (live in phoenix 1980)
WHIPS (demo 1981)
I WISH THE NIGHT (demo 1987)
HOT AND HEAVY (demo 1987)

Queen - In The Beginiing Demos
1 Keep Yourself Alive 3.37
2 The Night Comes Down 4.21
3 Great King Rat 6.03
4 Jesus 5.05
5 Liar 7.46

Frank Zappa - We're Only In It For The Money - Demo Acetate
01 Lonely Little Girl
02 Burnt Weeney Sandwich
03 Mom & Dad
04 Bow Tie Daddy
05 Harry You're A Beast
06 What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?
07 Stuffit Variations
08 Take Your Clothes Off....
09 Mother People
10 Idiot Bastard Son
11 Who Needs The Peace Corps?

Pass if needed;

The Hangmen - 1987 demo

01 - The Bomb
02 - She Walks
03 - Rotten Sunday
04 - Coal Mine

Pantera - The Basement, Dallas, TX, USA
December 20, 1988

1. Death Trap
2. Rock the World
3. Power Metal
4. We'll Meet Again
5. The Art of Shredding
6. This Bud's for You
7. Diamond Darrel's Solo
8. The Sleep
9. Over and Out

Pantera - 'Cowboys from Hell' Demos, 1989
1. Intro
2. Shattered
3. Cowboys From Hell
4. Heresy (Dif. Lyrics)
5. Cemetery Gates
6. Psycho Holiday
7. Medicine Man (Dif. Lyrics)
8. Message In Blood (Dif. Lyrics)
9. Domination
10. The Sleep
11. Art Of Shredding

Exodus - Demo, 1982
1. Whipping Queen
2. Death and Domination
3. Warlord
4. Strike Of The Beast

Exodus - Turk Street Demo, 1984
1. Metal Command
2. Impaler
3. Strike Of The Beast
4. No Love
5. Deliver Us To Evil
6. Bonded By Blood
7. Exodus
8. Piranha
9. And Then There Were None

New Haven - '89 & '90 demo
1990 Line-Up
J. Kirk Samler - vocals
Steve McMasters - guitars
Glen Demako - bass
Michael Drake - keyboards
Todd Lane - drums

1. Love On The Rox
2. Who Are You
3. Long Night Out
4. Rockin' Chair
5. Part Of Me
6. Draw The Line
7. I'm In Love
8. Walk Away

Angora demos with John Corabi

01 Hey Operator
02 Shake Shake
03 Are You Waiting
04 Making Love
05 Jailbait
06 Weekend Love Affair

Rock Candy 1979 demo w/Vince Neil
1. She's Cold
2. I Really Want To Dance With You
3. Let's Get Rockin' Tonight
4. My Girl Waiting For Me
5. American Kid

Sister w/Sixx & Lawless (1979)
1. Don't Know What I Am
2. 80's Ladies
3. Sweet Dreams

London w/Nikki Sixx (1980)
1. Nobody Loves You Like I Do
2. Straight From The Heart
3. Oh What A Dream

Trick Or Treat 1987 Mandy Lion from WWIII and Michael Dee from Fatal Attraction.

Black Mass
Hell Fire
War Machine

BAD BRAINS-1978 Demos

I Don't Need It
At The Atlantic
Pay to Cum

BLACK FLAG-Keith Morris demo 1978

No Values
White Minority
I Don't Care
Gimme Gimme Gimme
I Don't Care
I Don't Care (source 2)

BLACK FLAG-1982 demos

What Can You Believe
Yes I Know
Slip It In
Modern Man
My War
Black Coffee
Beat My Head
I Can't Decide
I Love You
Nothing Left Inside
I Love You
My War
Interview Session
Swinging Man

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Glam/Hard Rock Demo Posts...

Wish I could take credit for all of these links, but I'm taking the links from the Metal Sludge Gossip Board in case the rare downloads threads is taken down:

Faster Pussycat demos from 1985 - 1986.

1 Whorehouse
2 Slap In The Face
3 City Has No Heart
4 Cat Funk (Live)

Jani Lane - Jabberwocky Demos

19 Tracks

St. Valentine - '87 demo
1. I Need You
2. Take Me Away
3. Chances
4. I Want It, She's Got It
5. Hard Days, Long Nights

Tommi Gunn Demos
Vinnie Kelly - vocals
Steve Mitchell - guitars, vocals
Marty Kelly - guitars, vocals
Patrick Ryan - bass, vocals
Anthony Focx - drums,vocals

These are all different then the versions on "Kings Of Sunset Strip", released on Stevie Rachelles RLS records. Those versions can be heard here, on Tommi Gunns Myspace page:

1. Hard To Get
2. On The Road
3. Feel The Heat
4. Talk Of The Town
5. Turn You On

1. Feel The Heat
2. Oh Sheila
3. On The Road
4. Just Wait And See
5. Talk Of The Town
6. Turn You On

1. Nikkie
2. Feel The Heat
3. On The Road
4. Hard To Get
5. Talk Of The Town
6. Rip Rock Rattle Roll
7. Mr. Hard Ice
8. Wanted Lover
9. Forever Yours
10. This Is My Life

Gypsy- 1987 Demo

1. Missing You
2. Never Let You Cry
3. Can't Let Go

I think a couple of these guys were in the band Snatch back in the early eighties.

Champagne Suicide - Demos
1. Sex In The USA
2. Here's A Flower For You
3. I Smell Cindy
4. Last Farewell
5. Pretty In Punk
6. First Time I Touched You
7. Shit I Talk About
8. Dreams, Screams & Outrage
9. Modern Love

Lethal Lipstick - There Goes The Neighborhood
1. Dancin' With Dynamite
2. Sleaze
3. Shot Down Without Love
4. The King

Ruby Slippers- The Demos

1. Over And Over
2. Lost Stars
3. Don't Tell Me
4. Hollywood Suicide
5. Miss You Lady
6. Fast Girls
7. Sweet Irene
8. These Boots
9. Over And Over (Vers. 2)
10. Lost Stars (Vers. 2)
11. Don't Tell Me (Vers. 2)
12 Mon Cheri
13. Sugar Sugar
14. Sweet Irene (Vers. 2)
15. Coast To Coast

Kix - Blow My Fuse demos
1. Radio Station Intro
2. Red Light, Green Light, TNT
3. Get It While It's Hot
4. Piece Of The Pie
5. Radio Station Intro
6. She Dropped Me The Bomb
7. Hypnotized
8. Radio Station Intro
9. Don't Close Your Eyes/ Radio Station outro

The demo was broadcast on WTPA 93.5 FM Harrisburg, PA as part of a "Local Talent" segment in 1987

Red Alert (Steelheart) demo
1. Rock N' Roll (I Just Wanna)
2. Like Never Before
3. Can't Stop Me Lovin' You
4. I'll Never Let You Go
5. I Still Got Rock N' Roll
6. She's Out There
7. Wasted
8. Red Alert
9. Changes (Instrumental)
10. Electric Love Child
11. Crying Time

Paris (Poison) demos
1. #1 Bad Boy
2. Blame It on You
3. Play Dirty
4. Steal Away the Night
5. Razor's Edge
6. Talkin' Loud
7. Rock Like A Rocker

Legs Up - demo
1. Not In America
2. Bitch
3. Hard On Me
4. She Goes Down

SIK TIKIT-That's the Ticket (1987 demo)

1. Bondage
2. Top of the Rock
3. Sweet of the Pain
4. Never Let It Out
5. Pray for You
6. Sleaze
7. Ride the Rod
8. Dancin' With Dynamite
9. Got 'Em

Slut- Demos (With Jim Gillette)

1. Dolls Of Lust
2. Dr. Monster
3. Perversion For A Price
4. Back To The City
5. Lipstick Lover
6. He's A Whore
7. Don't Touch My Hat

I think these were recorded around 1986 or so.

Diamond Rose --- Demos of Oni Logan pre Lynch Mob, Pre Ferrari


Links will be added as they are posted.