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Tora Tora- To Rock, To Roll

I did the same clean up on the first Tora Tora release. As always, let me know what you think about the cleanup.


Tora Tora- Revolution Day

Okay, so I took the version that was going around and used Cool Edit Pro to clean it up. If you download it, please let me know what you think about the sound.


Kim Basinger- A Hollywood Affair

This is the 1989 album produced by Prince. It's not that great, but it's a good collector's item.


Rick Springfield- Comic Book Heros

Great rare album from 1973. You have to download this!!!!


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Lions & Ghosts (per request)

Lions & Ghosts: Velvet Kiss, Lick Of The Lime


Metal Sludge Rarities Thread Update

Henry Rollins - Eric The Pilot - A great story about a trip one of the spoken word tours.

Hurricane Alice 1986 EP
1. Don't Say Goodbye
2. Coming Home
3. When It's Over
4. Rock You All Night Long
5. After The Storm
6. Turn You Back
7. December


Hericane Alice 1988 demo
1. Heels High
2. Get Back
3. Shake Shake Shout
4. Too Late
5. Long Train
6. Dream Girl
7. Crack the Ice
8. Radar Love


This is one of my favorite NIN bootlegs - "Live and Deconstructed in Chicago". A seven-song set played to an audience of about 100 people at the Chicago Recording Company in 2000. Some of the songs are in a very stripped down form (essentially NIN acoustic) - as on the "Still" CD - which if you don't have, you really should track down.

1 - Something I Can Never Have
2 - The Day The World Went Away
3 - Hurt
4 - Even Deeper
5 - The Big Come Down
6 - The Fragile
7 - Hurt (2nd take)


Def Leppard - 1978 demos:

1 - Tomorrow Seems Like Yesterday
2 - Warchild
3 - See The Lights
4 - Wasted
5 - Overture
6 - Beyond The Temple


Bad Religion - Even Worse 7" Live in Germany 1988

Along the Way
Do What You Want
You are the Government
World War III


Speaking of NIN, here's their soundtrack for Quake. Pretty interesting.

1. Quake Theme

2. Intermission

3. Start ~ Whispers

4. Grisly Grotto

5. Slipgate Complex

6. Underearth

7. Castle of the Damned

8. Necropolis

9. Ziggurat Vertigo

10. Gloom Keep

for anyone who might have missed them on their other threads:



Danger Danger - Naughty Demos & Live Rarities

1) Don't Blame It On Love (1987 demo - Mike Pont lead vox)
2) Rock America (1987 demo - Mike Pont lead vox)
3) Naughty Naughty (1987 demo - Mike Pont lead vox)
4) Just What the Doctor Ordered (Screw It! B-side)
5) No More Mr. Nice Guy (Andy Timmons solo)
6) Rock America demo - Al Pitrelli guitar
7) Temptation demo - Al Pitrelli guitar
Cool Don't Blame It On Love demo - Al Pitrelli guitar
9) Tonight demo - Al Pitrelli guitar
10) Hold on Maria demo - Al Pitrelli guitar
11) This Little Girl's Hot Tonight (live)
12) Under the Gun (live)
13) Naughty Naughty (live)
14) Lights, Camera, Action (live)
15) spoken (live)


This is the best sounding audio I have ever found from the Shout tour....check it out...


Saraya - Demos 1982-1989

1. Another One Down
2. You Don't Have To Tell Me
3. Heart On My Sleeve
4. Only Way To Hold On
5. Paper Doll
6. Make Me Believe
7. Fire To Burn
8. Living Daylights
9. Make It True

10. Free Ride
11. Teardrops On The Mirror
12. Better Than Anyone
13. This Could Be Danger
14. Look The Other Way
15. You'll Never Change
16. Playing The Role
17. High Noon
18. Chainsmokin'
19. Timeless Love

Some Chrissy Steele demos from 1990

1. Pray For Rain
2. Good Time To Be Bad
3. You Should Be Mine
4. Sweet Crime
5. You're It
6. Shakeytown Shuffle

Randy Rhoads - Guitar Seminar and Interview .rar (65.42 MB)

The Presidents of the United States of America - Up Close.mp3 (69.44 MB) Interview with acoustic tunes.

Sniff N The Tears - Den Bosch, The Netherlands 3 Tunes - 07-22-80.rar (14.61 MB)

UFO with Schenker - Marquee Club - London, England 1974
UFO, The Marquee Club, 90 Wardour Street, London W1, England
Some time in 1974. Contains no officially released material. See info file for details.

notes from the uploader !

Here is a very nice little recording of an incendiary performance by the first 5 piece incarnation of the band following the release of their Phenomenon LP in May 1974. My thanks to Keith Anderson of Croydon England for the tape! Praise be to youTube where I got in touch with him.

Lineage: Master cassette>DAT>Soundforge>CDR>EAC secure mode>Flac level 6>MP3

The set list is:

01. Oh My
02. Doctor Doctor
03. Built For Comfort (Dixon)
04. Give Her The Gun
05. Space Child
06. Cold Turkey (Lennon)
07. Rock Bottom
08. Going Down (Nixon?)
09. Prince Kajuku
10. Boogie For George

Line up is:

Michael Schenker: Lead and rhythm guitar
Paul Chapman: Lead and rhythm guitar
Phil Mogg : Vocals
Pete Way: Bass
Andy Parker: Drums


Aersomith recorded live @ the Centrum, Worcester, Ma. 3/12/86
stereo soundboard
10/10 sound 80 min.

Track listing:
Back In The Saddle
Same Old Song And Dance
Big Ten Inch Record
My Fist, Your Face
Last Child
No Surprize
She's On Fire
The Hop
Sweet Emotion
Walk This Way
Let the Music Do The Talking
Dream On
Toys In The Attic
Train Kept A Rollin'


Cheap Trick

"Is There A Doctor In The House?"

Live In Hartford, Wisconsin 11/08/86

1. It's Up To You
2. Baby Loves To Rock
3. It's Only Love
4. I Want You To Want Me
5. If You Want My Love
6. Rearview Mirror Romance
7. Are You Lonely Tonight
8. Big Eyes
9. Standing On The Edge
10. Ain't That A Shame
11. Stop This Game
12. Tonight It's You
13. Rainy Day Women
14. She's Tight
15. Dream Police
16. Surrender
17. He's A Whore
18. Auf Wiedersehen


Esta é a primeira Demo do Grim Reaper

Paul DeMercado - vocal
Nick Bowcott - guitarra
Dave Wanklin - baixo
Adrian Jacques - bateria

1.The Reaper
2.Street Lady
4.Loving You
5.Bleed 'em Dry
6.Ride Me

Motley Crue - Live At The Starwood 1981

First Motley show ever filmed.

Rumor is this was also the fist show Motley ever played.

Can't confirm if that's true or not.

Setlist was Pre Too Fast For Love.

The video quality is pretty poor and generated.

Audio sounds alright for being an old fucker.

Keep in mind this was filmed on a camcorder 27 years ago.

#1 - Stick Your Guns

#2 - Nobody Knows What It's Like To Be Lonely

#3 - Why You're Killing Yourself

#4 - Public Enemy #1


Someone asked for Van Halen's Gene Simmons produced demos. I don't remember if it was posted yet. Anyway...

On Fire
Woman In Love
House in Pain
Running with the devil
Shes The Woman
Lady Loose
Big Trouble
Somebody Get me a doctor
Baby Don`t Leave Me Alone
Put out the lights


David Lee Roth- Eat 'Em And Smile Demos


1. Yankee Rose
2. I'm Easy
3. Ladies Night In Bufflo
4. Elephant Gun
5. Big Trouble
6. Bump and Grind
7. Jam

Bon Jovi - Sessions From the Vault Disc One
Unreleased Studio Demos
Tracks 1-5 - Unreleased John Bongiovi and the Wild Ones Demos
Recorded to try to land a record deal in late 1982 - early 1983
01 What You Want (actually received a limited amount of lip-synched video airplay in 1982)
02 Runaway
03 She Don't Know Me
04 Shot Through the Heart
05 Love Lies
Tracks 6-19 Unreleased John Bongiovi Power Station Demos (some of these tracks were later rerecorded with studio musicians and released by Tony Bongiovi, Jon's Uncle. Jon sued and lost a fight to block the release, all of these are the original unreleased versions)
06 Heartbreak Eyes
07 Hollywood Dreams
08 Talkin' in Your Sleep
09 No Action
10 Open Your Heart
11 That Woman is Dangerous
12 Don't Do That to Me Anymore
13 Same Old Lines
14 More Than We Bargained For
15 Head Over Heels
16 Don't Keep Me Wondering
17 Charlene
18 Don't Leave Me Tonight
19 Dorothea


Bon Jovi Sessions from the Vault Disc Two
Tracks 1-6 The Message Demos.
Before Bon Jovi existed Richie Sambora (guitar) and Alec John Such (bass) played and recorded with a short lived band called "Message"
These 4 tracks were Demoed for what was to become their only pre-Bon Jovi album, the 4 track EP, "Lessons"
01 Pessimistic Man
02 Swing
03 Lessons
04 It Won't Be Long
05 Is There Love
06 Any Other Girl
Tracks 7-18 The Tough Talk Rehearsal
Jon recorded this rehearsal of his first Jam session with Richie on board, as they prepared to begin the writing sessions for their first album which was originally to be called "tough talk"
07 Summertime Blues
08 American Dream
09 Tonight #1
10 Tonight #2
11 Promises
12 Better Think Twice #1
13 Better Think Twice #2
14 Stay
15 Jon's guitar doodle
16 Heartbreaker
17 Head Over Heels
18 Broke My Heart


Bon Jovi - Sessions from the Vault Disc Three Unreleased Demos
This disc is the legendary Basement Sessions where Jon and Richie holed up in the Sambora family basement to write songs for the upcoming album, Slippery When Wet.
These are very raw tracks with minimum input by the rest of the band.
01 Stand Up
02 Deep Cuts the Knife
03 Wild in the Streets
04 Never Say Goodbye
05 Walk Don't Run
06 Edge of a Broken Heart
07 Right Side
08 The Promise
09 Lonely is the Night
10 Raise Your Hands
11 Take Me Home
12 Never Enough
13 Wanted Dead or Alive


Bon Jovi - Sessions From the Vault Disc Four
Bon Jovi Slippery Rehearsal Demos
These demos show the band rehearsing songs for Slippery before laying down the production demos to take into the studio with the producer.
Some feature one really loud instrument with everything else quieter in the background, others are more balanced.
A very interesting glimpse into the creative process.

01 I'd Die for You
02 Let it Rock
03 Game of the Heart
04 Borderline
05 Social Disease
06 Livin' on a Prayer
07 Edge of a Broken Heart
08 Without Love
09 Never Say Goodbye
10 Raise Your Hands #1
11 Raise Your Hands #2
12 Never Enough


Bon Jovi Sessions From the Vault Disc Five
Slippery When Wet Studio Demos
This disc contains the polished studio demos that the Jersey Boys took with them to the studio to begin recording the epic Slippery When Wet with their producer.
All are different from the final versions and fun to listen to with decent audio quality.
01 You Give Love a Bad Name
02 Without Love
03 Wild in the Streets
04 Wanted Dead or Alive
05 Raise Your Hands
06 Never Enough
07 Edge of a Broken Heart
08 Borderline
09 Game of the Heart
10 Let it Rock
11 Social Disease
12 Livin' on a Prayer
13 Lonely is the Night
14 Deep Cuts the Knife
15 Never Say Goodbye (Richie lead vocal)
16 I'd Die for You


Bon Jovi - Sessions From the Vault discs 6 & 7
The New Jersey Preproduction Demos
These demos feature a scratch (raw) vocal along with a louder instrumental track, many unreleased songs.
01 Rosie
02 99 in the Shade
03 Backdoor to Heaven
04 Bad Medicine
05 Love is War
06 Judgment Day
07 Wild is the Wind
08 In America
09 Living in Sin
10 Love Hurts

01 Blood on Blood
02 I'll Be There for You
03 Born to Be My Baby
04 Stick to Your Guns,
05 Homebound Train
06 Diamond Ring (electric version)
07 House of Fire
08 Lets Make it Baby


Bon Jovi - Sessions from the Vault Discs 8 & 9 The Original New Jersey
Back in 1988 Bon Jovi intended to release a double album as a follow up to the multi-platinum juggernaut "Slippery When Wet". The record company got nervous about the higher price point and decided they would only release a single album. Well as this demo of the complete sequenced proposed double album shows, the record company was wrong.
Great songs and great sound quality makes this a must have for all Bon Jovi Fans.

01 Love is War
02 Let's Make it Baby (X-rated talkbox version)
03 Judgment Day
04 River of Love (Come Alive)
05 Now and Forever
06 Growing Up the Hard Way
07 Does Anybody Really Fall in Love Anymore?
08 Rosie

01 Homebound Train
02 Wild is the Wind
03 Living in Sin
04 Blood on Blood
05 Backdoor to Heaven
06 Love Hurts
07 Stick to Your Guns
08 Love for Sale


Van Halen - The Demography
Four discs, all known DLR era demos. Includes the Gene Simmons demos, 25 track Warner Bros demos, WACF demos, and more. Many have been remastered or used the best source as possible.

I wont list all the tracks here, but here is a link to all the info:






Of course you recognized the guy in the middle,definitely the most hyperactive guy in the metal scene EVER (he was and/or is member of 15 bands!!) and a great friend and musician,Danny Lilker.Well,this is the band he is mostly concentrated on the last few years (besides Brutal Truth),a technically interesting mixture of various metal styles,defined on the net as Black Metal,but for my opinion not even close to it.You have to try it to decipher what is it.I am not discovering hot water with this one,this demo is on their site for free download,but I put it here just to make the things easier for you.This is the first post I will describe only with the word Metal,because I don`t want to make a mistake here..


It's MONSTER MAGNET. Their 1989 New Jersie first cassette demo "FORGET ABOUT LIFE, I'M HIGH ON DOPE" (aka. "What About Life, I'm High On Dope"). Good sound quality.

Black Wawa
Freakshop USA
Lizard Johnny


Twisted Sister 1979-1985
Collection of rare stuff on vinyl in chronological order.

Disc 1:
01. I'll Never Grow Up, Now! 03:52
A-side of 1st independent 7" released on Twisted
Sister Records in 1979

02. Bad Boys (Of Rock'n'Roll) 03:19
A-side of 2nd independent 7" released on Twisted
Sister Records in 1980

03. Ladys Boy 04:23
B-side of 2nd independent 7" released on Twisted
Sister Records in 1980

04. What You Don't Know 05:28
1st track on A-side of "Ruff Cutts" EP released
on Secret Records in 1982

05. Shoot'em Down 03:53
2nd track on A-side of "Ruff Cutts" EP released
on Secret Records in 1982

06. Under The Blade 04:37
1st track on B-side of "Ruff Cutts" EP released
on Secret Records in 1982

07. Leader Of The Pack 03:55
2nd track on B-side of "Ruff Cutts" EP released
on Secret Records in 1982

08. Shoot'em Down (Live) 05:00
From compilation album "Reading Rock Volume One"
released on Mean Records in 1982

09. Sin After Sin (Live) 03:23
B-side of "I Am (I'm Me)" 7" released on Atlantic
Records in 1983

10. Tear It Loose (Live) 03:09
1st track on B-side of "I Am (I'm Me)" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983

11. Destroyer (Live) 04:18
2nd track on B-side of "I Am (I'm Me)" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983

12. It's Only Rock'N'Roll (Live) 10:54
3rd track on B-side of "I Am (I'm Me)" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983

13. Shoot'em Down (Live) 03:41
B-side of "The Kids Are Back" 7" released on
Atlantic Records in 1983

14. What You Don't Know Sure Can Hurt You (Live) 04:41
1st track on B-side of "The Kids Are Back" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983

15. Bad Boys Of Rock'N'Roll (Live) 04:24
2nd track on B-side of "The Kids Are Back" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983

16. Run For Your Life (Live) 03:42
3rd track on B-side of "The Kids Are Back" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1983
Disc 1 total time: 72:47

Disc 2:
01. Let The Good Times Roll/Feel So Fine (Live) 04:11
B-side of "You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll" 7" released
on Atlantic Records in 1983

02. Feel The Power 03:07
1st track on B-side of "You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1983

03. Four Barrel Heart Of Love 03:00
2nd track on B-side of "You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1983

04. One Man Woman 03:05
3rd track on B-side of "You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1983

05. The Kids Are Back (Live) 02:55
1st track on B-side of "We're Not Gonna Take It"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1984

06. You Can't Stop Rock'N'Roll (Live) 04:05
2nd track on B-side of "We're Not Gonna Take It"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1984

07. We're Gonna Make It (Live) 02:58
3rd track on B-side of "We're Not Gonna Take It"
12" released on Atlantic Records in 1984

08. Burn In Hell (Live) 05:54
1st track on B-side of "I Wanna Rock" 12" released
on Atlantic Records in 1984

09. S.M.F. (Live) 04:41
2nd track on B-side of "I Wanna Rock" 12" released
on Atlantic Records in 1984

10. I Wanna Rock (Video version) 03:53
1st track on B-side of "Leader Of The Pack" 12"
released on Atlantic Records in 1985
Disc 2 total time: 37:53

B-side of 1:st independent 7" is left out because it's the same version as on "Ruff Cutts", (D1T06 "Under The Blade" in this compilation/collection).

In order to obtain maximum sensory enjoyment from the auditory representations contained herein, it is necessary to minimize load resistance through the potentiometer in ones preamplification section. In other words,


Anthrax - live in London, England (Axe the Odeon Down)
Venue: The Hammersmith Odeon, London, England
Date: February , 1986
Time: 54:45
Size: 80.1 Mb

Excellent SBD recording of Anthrax one month before "Among the Living" was released. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath live!

1. A.I.R.
2. Metal Thrashing Mad
3. Panic
4. The Enemy
5. I am the Law
6. Madhouse
7. Guitar Solo
8. Howling Solo
9. Armed And Dangerous
10. Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
11. God Save The Queen
12. Gung Ho


Xcursion - Xcursion EP [1983]

Country: USA
Year: 1983
Line-up: Mark Slaughter (vocals/guitar), Al "Rex" Rumley (bass), Anthony White (drums)

Track Listing:
1. Mouthful of Steel
2. Love is Blind
3. Can't Take It
4. Skull Queen

Mark Slaughter in his first band, prior to Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Slaughter.


Here's the demo collection from MAXIMUM

These guys were a pretty cool band from Boston.... they moved out west, and got signed to Enigma Records - Had their debut album nearly finished, and then Enigma goes under, and gets absorbed by Capitol Records.... MAXIMUM got lost in the shuffle, lost their deal, and disappeared.... too bad, because they could have been one of the better bands of the genre.

This is the Demo collection... pretty much all the stuff they recorded from '87-'89...

1. Lil' Lyer
2. Candie Sweet
3. Live It Up
4. Skin To Skin
5. One More Shot
6. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting
7. Baby Stay
8. Missing You
9. Here Come Those Tears Again
10. Dancer
11. Same Mistake
12. Just For Kicks
13. Paint Me A Picture
14. Strictly Sexual
15. Pennies From Heaven


Another pretty cool band from Boston.... PIECES

These demos were recorded in '88 (first 3 tracks), and '89 (the last 4)

1. OK Carol
2. Bad Luck
3. Two Sheets To The Wind
4. Shy Away
5. Lonely Midnight
6. Fame (Bowie cover)
7. OK Carol

"Shy Away" and "Lonely Midnight" are definitely standout tracks!


Van Halen demos, but Rapidshare is telling me to go fuck myself!

Any other way to get them? I got disk one...

It's not all demos, but how about this?

Disc 1

1. 30 Days In The Hole/ Francine/ Goodbye To Jane
2. 79th and Sunset
3. And The Cradle Will Rock (demo)
4. Angel Eyes
5. Babe Dont Leave Me Alone
6. Bad Women-Peace Of Mind
7. Beer Drinkers And Hell Raisers
8. Believe Me
9. Big Trouble
10. Bright Lights, Big City
11. Bring On The Girls
12. Brown Sugar
13. Bullethead
14. Cant Get Enough
15. Chevrolet
16. Crosstown Traffic
17. Dont Call Us
18. Down In Flames
19. Everybody Wants Some (demo)
20. Eyes of the Nite

Disc 2

1. Eyes of the Night
2. Firehouse
3. Gentlemen of Leisure
4. Get Down Tonight
5. Get The Show On The Road
6. Glitter
7. Goodbye To Jane
8. Hallelujah
9. Heartbreak Hotel
10. Heres Just What You Wanted
11. Honolulu Baby
12. Hots On For Nowhere
13. House Of Pain (demo)
14. I Wanna Be Your Lover
15. If You Cant Rock Me
16. If You Cant Rock Me
17. In For The Kill
18. Jean Genie
19. Keep Playing That Rock And Roll
20. Kicks
21. La Grange
22. Last Child

Disc 3

1. Last Night
2. Let Me Swim In Your Ocean
3. Lets Get Rockin
4. Light In The Sky
5. Live For The Music
6. Lucille
7. Make It Last
8. Man On The Silver Mountain
9. Maybe Im A Leo
10. Mean Street (acoustic)
11. Might Just Take Your Life
12. No More Waiting
13. On Fire (Mike and Dave vocals)
14. One More Time
15. Piece of Mind
16. Put Out The Lights
17. Real Go Getter
18. Rock and Roll All Night
19. Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo
20. Rock Steady

Disc 4

1. Shape Youre In
2. Shes The Woman
3. Show No Mercy
4. Show Your Love
5. Still Alive and Well
6. Stone Cold Sober
7. Stop Trying
8. Summertime Blues
9. Superstitious
10. Sweet Emotion
11. Take It Back
12. The Grind
13. The Rover
14. The Shape Youre In
15. Trampled Under Foot
16. Tush
17. Twist and Shout

Disc 5

1. Voodoo Queen
2. Waiting For The Bus
3. Walk Away
4. Walk This Way
5. We All Had A Real Good Time
6. We Die Bold
7. Wildfire
8. Woman In Love
9. Young and Wild

From Armored Saint, Jeff Duncan.
Demos from his early 90's band Bird Of Prey and his current band DC4- DC4's album was produced by Joey Vera.

1. Carry Me
2. Promise
3. Turn Me Around
4. Wings of Freedom
5. World Divided
1-5 Bird of Prey. The BOP stuff is pretty freakin' good. Turn me Around is probably my fave, but they all are pretty good.
6. I Belong
7. Naive Bree
8. Cabin Fever
9. Disturbed
10. Black Picket Fence
11. Pandora's Cure

My favorite from the DC4 is Cabin Fever, which is also on their release "Volume One", but the demo version is a little better. It is more raw, which really adds to the feel of the song, imo.

here ya go

Rock The Vote 1992 Radio PSA's

Produced by Van Riker & Beverly Lund
Ex Producer Greg Lee

Warner Brothers

I hope you enjoy it and take the time to get out and vote!

25 minutes

01 - Rock The Vote - Lenny Kravitz (0:1Cool
02 - Rock The Vote - Deee-Lite (0:32)
03 - Rock The Vote - MC-Hammer (0:31)
04 - Rock The Vote - Iggy Pop #1 (0:35)
05 - Rock The Vote - Anthony Kiedis (0:30)
06 - Rock The Vote - Iggy Pop #2 (0:34)
07 - Rock The Vote - Ozzy Osbourne (0:25)
08 - Rock The Vote - Mellow Man Ace (0:26)
09 - Rock The Vote - Lita Ford (0:15)
10 - Rock The Vote - Louie Parez (Of Los Lobos) (0:30)
11 - Rock The Vote - Dwight Yoakam (0:33)
12 - Rock The Vote - MC Lyte (0:33)
13 - Rock The Vote - Krs-1 (0:52)
14 - Rock The Vote - Queen Latifah #1 (0:52)
15 - Rock The Vote - C & C Music Factory (0:12)
16 - Rock The Vote - Kid Frost (0:31)
17 - Rock The Vote - Ice-T (0:37)
18 - Rock The Vote - Queen Latifah #2 (0:29)
19 - Rock The Vote - Katey Sagal (Married With Children) (0:31)
20 - Rock The Vote - John Wesley Harding (0:39)
21 - Rock The Vote - Yo-Yo (0:21)
22 - Rock The Vote - L7 (0:35)
23 - Rock The Vote - Riki Rachtman (Headbangers Ball) (0:2Cool
24 - Rock The Vote - Dave Mustaine (Megadeth) (0:10)
25 - Rock The Vote - Jody Watley (0:34)
26 - Rock The Vote - Marky Mark (0:37)
27 - Rock The Vote - Michael Bolton (0:29)
28 - Rock The Vote - Rosie Parez (0:37)
29 - Rock The Vote - LL Cool J (0:16)
30 - Rock The Vote - Branford Marsalis (0:20)
31 - Rock The Vote - Johnny Gill (0:32)
32 - Rock The Vote - Troop (0:26)
33 - Rock The Vote - Disposable Heroes Of HipHoprisy (0:52)
34 - Rock The Vote - Ed Lover (Yo! MTV Raps) (0:25)
35 - Rock The Vote - B Angie B (0:1Cool
36 - Rock The Vote - Shanice (0:43)
37 - Rock The Vote - Tyler Collins (0:35)
38 - Rock The Vote - Faith Ford (Murphy Brown) (0:21)
39 - Rock The Vote - Melissa Etheridge #1 (0:27)
40 - Rock The Vote - Melissa Etheridge #2 (0:25)
41 - Rock The Vote - Sir Mix-A-Lot (0:36)
42 - Rock The Vote - Kiss (0:30)
43 - Rock The Vote - Beastie Boys (0:27)
44 - Rock The Vote - Tyson Meade (Chainsaw Kittens) (0:17)
45 - Rock The Vote - Drivin' N' Cryin' (0:35)
46 - Rock The Vote - Corrosion Of Conformity (0:13)
47 - Rock The Vote - Evan Dando (Lemonheads) (0:26)
48 - Rock The Vote - Helmet (0:20)
49 - Rock The Vote - Dan Fogelberg (0:23)
50 - Rock The Vote - Sonic Youth (0:32)
51 - Rock The Vote - Joey Ramone (0:45)


Sacred Reich "Draining You Of Life" demo 1986
1. Draining You of Life 03:40
2. Rest in Peace 04:06
3. Sacred Reich 03:25
4. No Believers 03:41

Legacy (pre-Testament) "s/t" demo 1985
1. Burnt Offerings 05:21
2. Reign of Terror 04:26
3. Alone in the Dark 04:21
4. Raging Waters 04:21

Death - "Leprosy Demo" - 1987
1.- Left to Die
2.- Open Casket
3.- Pull the Plug
4.- Choke on It
5.- Born Dead

Pass: portalnet.cl



Marilyn Manson - Portrait of an American Family Release Party 1994

1. Sweet Dreams (first performance ever)
2. Mirror People (Love & Rockets cover)
3. I Got You (Split Enz cover)
4. Come Together (Beatles cover)
5. Down In The Park (Gary Neuman cover)
6. I Put A Spell On You (Screamin' Jay Hawkins cover)

PAW - Death To Traitors 1994 demos

disc 1:

disc 2:

Disc 1:
1. (studio banter, "we're rolling, boys")
2. Remora (take 1)
3. (studio banter, "what is going on?")
4. Remora (take 2)
5. (studio banter, "tape's rolling, ladies")
6. 30 Days (take 1, false start)
7. (studio banter, "seems kinda short that way")
8. 30 Days (take 2)
9. (studio banter, "next")
10. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man* (false start)
11. The Kitchen Is No Place For a Man*
12. Glue Mouth Kid
13. Sweet Sally Brown (take 1)
14. Max The Silent

Disc 2:
15. Hope I Die Tonight
16. Seasoned Glove
17. Sweet Sally Brown (take 2)
18. Built Low
19. Learn To See*
20. Year of the Locust*
21. Texas (Mark's alternate version)
22. Lost Highway*
23. Death to Traitors
24. Badger
25. Swollen
26. Goodbye Dress*
27. Sunflower
28. Peach

* = unreleased song, unconfirmed title

Keri Kelli demos
i have no info on these....other than some are early versions of the stuff he did with PBF


Electric Angels - New York Times (unreleased second album)
1. New York Times
2. Wish I Could Fly
3. Lies My Father Told Me
4. The War Is Over
5. God's Children
6. Postcards From My Heart
7. Live Forever
8. Def Generation
9. Colour Of Hate
10. Woke Up Blind
11. New York City Girl
12. Where The Wild Things Are
13. Spent The Night With A Memory
14. Hung Up On A Pin-Up Girl
15. Can't Stand Losing You
16. Ain't Going Home With You
17. Cheap Lipstick


L.A. Rocks - James Christian Demos (1987)

01. City Nights
02. Nobody Said It Was Easy
03. Livin' On The Edge
04. You're Gone Too Far
05. You Better Stop


Alleycat Scratch

"Alleycat Demos"

1.Fuck Her Up The Ass
2.Grave Gina
3.Junior Bones
4.Kiss Kiss
5.Take A Bite (Outta Me)
6.Sick Of It All
7.Stiletto Strut
8.When I'm Gone
10.Seventh Veil
11.Seasons Of The Witch
12.Creepy Joe
13.Rock Kitty
14.Cheap City Thrills


Here is a soundboard quality Danzig show from the Satans Child tour.

This is what accompanied a cassette tape sold in 1982 that featured interviews with and music snippets of the below bands.
The tape reflects well the almost utopian, if not naiive and idealistic values and morals expoused by the more intellectual of hardcores at the time.
Here is the cassette, transferred and available for downloading/listening here (96 kbps MP3). Artwork is included.

Various Artist - Youth Brigade
Side A:
1) Bad Religion
2) Black Flag
3) R.F. 7

Side B:
1) Saccharine Trust
2) Red Rockers
3) Youth Brigade



Check out this FP live show from 1990 I posted here for everyone that wanted it over a year a ago. Can't believe it's still a live link. Grab this fucker - it's a great show, sounds very good and a rare one!! This is the pussycat I want to remember. Saw them with the Crue in 1990 and became a huge fan - they were one of my top faves back in the day.

The notes below are from the original person who bootlegged the show, not mine (I wasn't there).

faster pussycat
june 15, 1990
cne grandstand
toronto, ontario

FP was the second of 4 bands that day. First was Slaughter (awful), then FP, then Kiss and then Whitesnake.
A great show...best band that day. When Whitesnake played, several thousand people left the venue...the headline read "Whitesnake Kiss-ed off!" in the Toronto Star.

1. where there's a whip, there's a way
2. slip of the tongue
3. cathouse
4. poison ivy
5. little dove
6. house of pain
7. a poem
8. bathroom wall
9. babylon


More Pussycat related early live/rare stuff coming! Now hows about someone digging deep from some Shotgun Messiah???? I know someone has it out there - some tracks from it floated around on a previous thread.

Anyone able to see how many times it's been downloaded? I can't tell, but am kind of curious.

This is one I don't have much info on, and if any of you know more about it, that would be awesome........

This is a demo from THE BORRACHOS - which was a band formed by singer, David Roach shortly after the breakup of JUNKYARD.... that's about all I know about this.... I don't know the lineup, or even what year it was recorded.


1. Don't Give A Damn
2. Houston
3. All Fall Down
4. Domestic Violence
5. Borracho Bolero
6. Jo Blues


Pantera Related;

Phil w/ Alice In Chains - Would? take 1
Phil w/ Alice In Chains - Would? take 2
Dimebag (Demo) - Transvestite Whore
Down - Hand Of Doom (live 1995)


another Boston band..... this time, it's BIG CIRKKUS

Here they are recorded live at Axis - on December 19th, 1990

1. Paperboy
2. Sweet Sensation
3. Down & Dirty
4. One Touch
5. Shotgun
6. Taste Of Money
7. Eight-Ball
8. Praying On The Past
9. Backseat Romeo
10. Don't Cry
11. Hollywood


Motley Crue - Perkins Place - Pasadena, Ca 19.11.1982 (Early Show) (KMET Original Broadcast).rar

Kingpin - Welcome To Bop City

Earlier version of Shotgun Messiah's self-titled debut, released under the name Kingpin. The mix is a bit different. The changes between the two albums can be found here:
(look after the lyrics to each song)
1. Bop City
2. Shout It Out
3. I Don't Care 'Bout Nothin'
4. Squeezin' Teazin'
5. The Explorer
6. Nowhere Fast
7. I'm Your Love
8. Dirt Talk
9. Nervous


For all of the "prog-rockers" out there. Back in 1990-91, Dream Theater auditioned a number of people to replace Charlie Dominici. Here are the audition tapes from five of those singers....DT Idol! Laughing

John Hendricks:
1 - Don't Look Past Me
2 - To Live Forever

Steve Stone (I believe he actually did one live gig with the band)
3 - To Live Forever
4 - Metropolis

John Arch (from Fates Warning - the sound quality on this is not quite as good as the others)
5 - The Killing Hand
6 - Don't Look Past Me
7 - A Fortune in Lies
8 - The Apparition (FW song)

Chris Cintron
9 - Don't Look Past Me
10 - A Change of Seasons

James LaBrie (the winner)
11 - To Live Forever
12 - Take The Time


MONTROSE - Live At The Record Plant/ KSAN 1973*
*They also recorded a 1974 show. Artwork included.

Bon Jovi
Olympic Stadium
Johannesburg, South Africa

Radio-FM recording

Disc 1

Helter Skelter
Livin’ On A Prayer
You Give Love A Bad Name
Keep The Faith, These Days
Bed Of Roses
Someday I’ll Be Saturday Night
Something For The Pain
Blood Money / Blaze Of Glory

Disc 2

Lay Your Hands On Me
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead
Bad Medicine
This Ain’t A Love Song
(It’s Hard) Letting You Go
Hey God
Bonustrack: Interview 1995


King Kobra
WLLZ Live Broadcast
April 14, 1985
Detroit, MI

Ready To Strike
Shadow Rider
Second Thoughts
Tough Guys
Piece Of The Rock
Guitar Solo
Breaking Out
Bass Solo
Shake Up
Band Intros/Happy Birthday
Drum Solo
Raise Your Hands To Rock
Rock 'N Roll
Carmine Appice Interview


Tornado Ali - Demos '92

01 Lonely Tonight
02 Those Times
03 Rain Keeps Falling
04 Sixteen Again


Lynyrd Skynyrd - Cottonmouth_Country (rare single)

Henry Rollins - Live at the Westbeth Theater - With a story about going to see RATT in LA

The Toadies - Live At The Roxy 1995 .rar 87mb

Slash's Snakepit ~

"Breed" and "What Kind Of Life" from the unreleased Interscope version of Ain't Life Grand.


hey folks
figured I'd add to this thread..my old band recently re-formed..so why not post some mp3s...
We played in the NY- tri-state area in the Late 80s/early 90s...

1. Wake up crying (power ballad)


3. Dirty Lover

We have a myspace page
so feel free to check it out...there are a few more tunes on there...
We are planning a show in NY sometime in the Spring time.. take it easy

SAIGON KICK : Live from AXIS - Boston, MA April 10th, 1991 (they opened up this show for HEAVENS EDGE)


Frank Zappa Comic Book .rar (11 MB) .pdf file
(This is not music, it's a copy of a real comic book.)

Fear Factory
Local: Live At The Hard Club, Vila Nova De Gaia, Portugal
Date: 16-11-2001

01. Intro
02. What Will Become
03. Flashpoint
04. Self Bias Resistor
05. Demanufacture
06. Digimortal
07. Damaged
08. Linchpin
09. Descent
10. Ressurrection
11. Shock
12. No One
13. Edgecrusher
14. Scapegoat
15. Replica

My Info:
- Quality: A-
- Source: Audience
- Format: 192k mp3
- Time: 63:12 min.


This is an awesome Elton John show from 12-22-73. Bottleg was recorded at Hammersmith Odeon. Ripped at 320.

This show should have been an official release.



01 Intro / Funeral For A Friend / Love Lies Bleeding
02 Candle In The Wind
03 Hercules
04 Rocket Man
05 Bennie And The Jets
06 Daniel
07 This Song Has No Title
08 Honky Cat
09 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
10 Ballad Of Danny Bailey
11 Elderberry Wine
12 I've Seen That Movie Too
13 All The Girls Love Alice
14 Crocodile Rock
15 Your Song
16 Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting

Bandit - Tuff 'n Dirtee [1992]

This band is German and this indie release is the only album they ever put out. The sound is run of the mill party rock, with some good guitar hooks. The vocalist is the weak point, but if you look past that it's listenable at least.

1. Sound So Good
2. Slut Groove
3. Bad Beat Boogie
4. Down Town Riot
5. Damn Pretty
6. Backseat Shuffle


Agentz - Stick to your Guns [1987]

The only album by New York rockers Agentz, this is keyboard and guitar-driven hard rock. A rare piece of 80s hard rock and a good addition to any collection.

1. Stick To Your Guns
2. Don't Tread On Me
3. Time Will Tell
4. Take A Chance On Love
5. Bite The Bullet
6. Fire In My Heart
7. When The Axe Falls
8. Waiting In Vain



Unreleased solo album from former Guns N Roses bassist.

1."Seattle Head"
2."Who's To Blame"
4."Song For Beverly"
5."Put You Back"
6."Shinin' Down" (Al Bloch cover)
7."Missing You"
9."Holiday" (Al Bloch cover)
10."Then and Now"
12."Beautiful Disease"


Rockula! - Movie Soundtrack

Songs from the movie are performed by such versatile performers as Toni Basil ("Oh Mickey You're So Fine"), Thomas Dolby ("She Blinded Me With Science"), and the film's stars Dean Cameron and Tawny Fere.

However, the soundtrack is not available.You can't even find audio files on the internet that are even remotely related to Rockula. (No, the absolutely bitchin' surfabilly instrumental "Rockula" by Los Straitjackets is not connected to the movie.)

The reason for this is that Cannon films was bought by a company called Pathe, and in the midst of the takover and the company's executives being brought up on fraud charges, the soundtrack was shelved.

And so, an actual soundtrack of these crazy cult songs from this wonderfully cheesy B-movie does not exist. However, until all Rockula fans in the world unite and demand of the powers-that-be that a soundtrack be released (hey, and a DVD loaded with goodies and extra footage wouldn't hurt either), we will have to make do with the mighty mp3.

01. (I Just Wanna) Rockula (Main Titles) - Dr. Daddio
02. Ralph(s) on the Keys - Hilary Bercovici
03. Stanley's Death Park - Thomas Dolby
04. Break These Chains - Tawny Fere
05. Hey, Mona - Dr. Daddio
06. Turn Me Loose - Tawny Fere
07. Rockula's Band - Hilary Bercovici
08. Rockula - Dean Cameron
09. Rapula (He's the DJ, I'm the Vampire) - Dean Cameron
10. By My Side - Dean Cameron & Tawny Fere
11. The Night - Toni Basil
12. Budapest By Blimp - Thomas Dolby
13. Phoebe's Dance -Hilary Bercovici
14. United State of Beat - Visiting Kids
15. The King Is Back (Hey, Rockula) - Dean Cameron
16. The Night - Toni Basil (VHS glitch)


OST - Saved By The Bell: Soundtrack To The Original Hit TV Series

1. Saved By the Bell
2. Don't Leave With Your Love
3. Go for It!
4. Love Me Now
5. Make My Day
6. Friends Forever
7. Did We Ever Have a Chance?
8. Deep Within My Heart
9. Surfer Dude
10. Gone Hawaiian
11. School Song
12. Saved By The Bell


WHITE TRASH - Si o Si Que? [1994]

Although they'd gotten rid of the trumpets and other brass instruments that were such a feature of their debut album, White Trash returned in 1994 with a continuation of their fast-tempo boogie rock. If you like like funk (think RHCP or early Faith No More) mixed with hard rock, topped off with a singer who sounds like the guy from Ugly Kid Joe, this is for you.

1. 6 Toe Sid
2. Got To Get Away
3. Minor Happiness
4. Young Zombies In Lust
5. Señorita
6. Electric Messiah/Leather Priest
7. St. Moondog
8. Pig
9. Come Tuesday
10. Catalepsy
11. 21 Club
12. Find Me Somebody


Siouxsie and the Banshees - Strawberry Girl, Coventry England 1981.rar ( 76.89 MB)
3.Arabian Knights
7.Red light
8.Not him
9.Voodoo dolly

hollywood rose - rehearsal.mp3 (15.38 MB)

Mink de Ville - 1977-09-23.wma (12.31 MB)

Peter Frampton - WLIR 1974.wma (18.69 MB)

Red House Painters - Demos.rar (.m4a files/84.5 MB)

Cheap Trick - Rock Goes To College.rar (51.15 MB)

Here's two from Rosie, one of the bands I saw the first time I went to the Alrosa in the 80's.

Rosie - Precious Metal.rar (32.57 MB)

Rosie - Live at the Alrosa Villa.rar (34.64 MB)

DMZ - Two disc in one file. .rar 50mb

DMZ - 1986 Telstar records 7" single with art.
First time is the best time / Teenage head


DMZ - Live - 1986 Crypt Records 7" single
You're gonna miss me /Can't do that / Baby boom / Are you gonna be there ?


Black Sabbath - Don Kirshner´s Rock Concert 1975.mp3 (34.4 MB)

Black Sabbath - Commercial for first lp 1.wma (925.05 KB)

Black Sabbath - Commercial for first lp 2.wma (866.69 KB)

Aerosmith - One Way Street Detroit (04-14-74).rar (67.78 MB)

Love/Hate - Demos Before Blackout, 23 tracks Reply with quote

This are demos from the early days.

Its a total of 23 tracks at 256k.


Track List:

01 - Angel
02 - Gypsy Love
03 - Love Burns
04 - My Girl
05 - Why Do You Think They Call It Dope (cut)
06 - Soul House
07 - Cold On The Outside
08 - Blackout In The Redroom
09 - Slave Girl
10 - Rock Queen
11 - Straight Jacket
12 - Hell, Ca Pop
13 - Tumbleweed
14 - My Sugar
15 - Stony River
16 - Glamorous In Tinseltown
17 - Goodship Dolly Rock
18 - Extreme
19 - Skid Row Gypsy
20 - Date With Fate.
21 - Tranquilizer
22 - Recognize
23 - Reincarnation


Aerosmith - Vacation Club (E.P. 1988)

01 Dude (Extended Rockin Dude Mix)... 5:48
02 Dude (Dude This Way)... 4:15
03 Rag Doll (Extended Vacation)... 7:15
04 Once Is Enough... 5:22
05 Angel (New AOR Mix)... 5:07


Songs from Duff's Believe in Me single

Bambi (Previously Unreleased) (3:30)

Cracked Actor (Previously Unreleased) (3:20)




Punky band who was a Ramones cover band. From what I can tell, this is the only release they did.

01. Rock'N'Roll U
02. Writings On The Wall
03. Hangover In Hungary
04. Spider
05. Blitzkrieg Bop


Snatch - If The Party's In Your Mouth ............(Iggy and) We're Coming!


Snatch (the chick band) - "Stanley" + "I.R.T." 7" single w/ art.

Worst live performance ever in the history Of Howard Stern show .

motley crue-afraid.mp3 (4.03 MB)

Wildhearts - Japan 96.rar (64.64 MB)

Axe - Live At The Agora Ballroom 1982.rar (76.94 MB)

Here's a WARRANT live/acoustic show in Brazil from 1998.

I'd guess it's probably an A to an A- soundboard acoustic recording.

01. D.R.F.S.R.
02. Down Boys
03. Heaven
04. Letter To A Friend
05. Sure Feels Good
06. Uncle Tom's Cabin
07. Blind Faith
08. Sometimes She Cries-Maybe I'm Amazed
09. I Saw Red
10. Asshole-Indian Giver
11. Stronger Now
12. Washington Square (Jabberwocky)
13. Very Fine Line
14. Cherry Pie


KIX - Thunderground (the unreleased comp album)

01 - No Business
02 - Thunderground
03 - Geisha House
04 - I Drank To Much Of You
05 - Baby Blues
06 - Ball Baby
07 - Screw The Screws
08 - Hot Pants Cold Feet
09 - Screamer
10 - Fireballs
11 - Ring My Bell
12 - Baby Time Bomb
13 - No Business Like Show Business (LIve)
14 - Blow My Fuse (Live Tokyo)
15 - Cold Blood (Live)

Classic KIX - Any KIX fan will definitely like it.


Rose Tattoo - Wax Museum DC 82.rar (64.03 MB)

AC-DC with Artie Lange

You Shook Me All Night Long


airbourne--ready to rock (ep) 2004


1- Ready To Rock
2- Stand And Deliver
3- When The Girl Gets Hot (The Love Don't Stop)
4- Come On Down
5- Runnin' Hot
6- Hotter Than Hell
7- Women On Top
8- Dirty Angel


Armored Saint - 1983 Demo

1. Lesson Well Learned
2. No Reason To Live
3. False Alarm
4. Stricken By Fate
5. On The Way

This is the ultra rare Pig Vomit ripped directly out of my collection.

Back in 1993, I was still in high school and hanging out with the kids on the wrong side of the tracks haha. Was at a house party and the air was so thick with the chronic all you had to do was walk in the room. People were everywhere - filling up their beer glasses, tripping over each other trying to get through the crowd....the whole house was blazed.

Someone took out Countdown To Extinction and threw this on, and from the opening track, the whole house erupted in hysterics. None of us could believe what we were hearing.

Think "Crank Yankers" forming a band.

It's definitely R-rated, but if you like adult humor along the lines of "Crank Yankers", then you'll probably get a chuckle out of it.

1 - Pig Vomit - Did You Ever Wonder
2 - Pig Vomit - Vagina
3 - Pig Vomit - Is It In Yet
4 - Pig Vomit - Beat My Meat
5 - Pig Vomit - (She Had Her) Period
6 - Pig Vomit - Penis Envy
7 - Pig Vomit - Are You Ever Going To Come
8 - Pig Vomit - P.M.J. (Pre-Mature Jack-Ulation) Blues
9 - Pig Vomit - Did You Ever Wonder- (Reprise)
10 - Pig Vomit - 1-900-Sex
11 - Pig Vomit - Poor Old Fartin' Fool
12 - Pig Vomit - Mammary Lane
13 - Pig Vomit - Why Can't He Get It Up
14 - Pig Vomit - Holy Shit I Gotta Pee
15 - Pig Vomit - Did You Ever Wonder- (Reprise Ii)


Bon Jovi - Nothing


Found two more sets of Mr. Bungle demos (not studio releases):

1987 Bowl Of Chiley

Originally recorded in 1987 on cassette. Released without band permission in 1991 (Playhouse Productions) as a bootleg cassette erroneously titled "Bowl of Chiley," and again in 1997 (Rastacore Records) as a CD that was sold by several large music stores until the band put a stop to it. Two versions of "Bowel of Chiley" exist, with slightly different Mr Bungle - Bowel of Chiley lists:

01. For No Reason
02. Nicotina
03. Incoherence
04. Carousel
05. Evil Satan
06. Jumping (Part One)
07. Jumping (Part Two)
08. Cottage Cheese
09. You Can't Make Me Mad
10. ( )
11. Freight Train
12. No Strings Attached
13. Fart in a Bag
14. Walkin' in Circles
15. Definition of Shapes
16. Snap, Crackle, Pop
17. Hi!

Mike Patton - Vocals
Trevor Dunn - Bass
Trey Spruance - Guitar
Hans Wagner - Drums
Theo Lengyel - Saxophone
Scott Fritz - Trumpet


1988 Goddammit I Love America!
Released in 1988 (cassette only)

1.Bloody Mary
4.Waltz For Grandma's Sake
6.Definitions of Shapes

Mike - Guts
Hans - Skins
Trev - Thumbs
Luke - Lips
Trey - Fingers
Theo - Honk
Mort & Robby Boy - Additional Balls

Mixed and engineered by Jeff Landen.


Black Sabbath - The Eternal Idol Demos with Ray Gillien.

Here's some more Faster Pussycat for your collection. I zipped everything up in one file...

Folder 1 - Non-Stop To Nowhere Promo CD Single (got this mailed to me from Elektra with a FPC newsletter right before Whipped! was released - 3 different mixes of Non-Stop To Nowhere)

1. Faster Pussycat - Non-Stop To Nowhere (AOR Edit)
2. Faster Pussycat - Non-Stop To Nowhere (CHR Edit)
3. Faster Pussycat - Non-Stop To Nowhere (LP Version)

Folder 2 - Curiosity Killed The Cat outtakes - Live shit from 86!

01. faster pussycat - City Has No Heart (live 1986)
02. faster pussycat - Shooting You Down (live 1986)
03. faster pussycat - Smash Alley (Live 1986)
04. faster pussycat - Slap In The Face 2 (Live 1986)
05. faster pussycat - pussycat rap (live 1986)
06 .faster pussycat - bathroom Wall (live 1986)


I have one that might be worth checking out.

Johnny Solinger's ep with his band "Solinger" I can see why he got the Skid gig.

Very crisp production. I am in the process of getting all his music.

I don't think this one is in print, but if it is, let me know and I will yank in a heartbeat.

01. Booze City [3:55]
02. Pretty Strange [3:38]
03. If I Knew How [4:45]
04. L.A. Girls [3:45]
05. Precious Time [3:16]
06. Tell Sandy [4:16]

Johnny Solinger: vocals
Kirk Carlson: guitar
John Mott: guitar
Gray Wear: bass
André Avelar: drums


After leaving Guns N'Roses, SLASH wasn't sure if the departure would be short term, long term or permanent. A lot would depend on the mood of Axl Rose and what he might offer his lead guitarist to return (if indeed he were to offer anything). SLASH always has to be busy, so he formed yet another new band. This band would go out on short tours and play cover songs, so they could be busy right away.

The band SLASH started was called SLASH's Blues Ball, the same group that had accompanied him to the Sziget Festival on Obuda Island in Budapest, Hungary in 1995. They played before 206,000 visitors along with Iggy Pop, Sonic Youth, Stone Roses, Prodigy and others. And they blew them all away! SLASH decided this was going to be HIS band for the near future. SLASH's Blues Ball was: SLASH on lead guitar,Teddy Andreadis on lead vocals, harmonica, organ, Johnny Griparic on bass, Alvino Bennet on drums, Bobby Schneck on rhythm guitar, and Dave McClarem on sax. Teddy Andreadis may be familiar for his showstopping harp work on the GNR Illusions tour and on the Believe in Me tour with Duff McKagan. A very talented musician!

The band did blues cover songs such as Stone Free, Hootchie Cootchie Man, Suspicious, etc. Covering Snakepit songs and the Dylan song "Knockin' On Heaven's Door" are especially popular. There was a short East Coast tour, and one on the West Coast. Then Texas received some attention along with Louisiana and Nevada. Some big cities in the Northeast were next. **Check the tour schedule to see where they performed and when. But at all their gigs, fans reported that SLASH and Blues Ball rocked the house, and SLASH was great for spending time with the fans before and after the show.

Despite some possible plans that SLASH talked about, SLASH's Blues Ball never released an album.

Note: I copied the information from http://www.snakepit.org/bbal.html as this seems to be the unofficial "official" page regarding Slash's Blues Ball. Check it out - the webmaster put up a lot of really cool pics like advertisements, ticketstubs and fan photos.

Here are links to two different shows:

1st Show - 10 songs
Slash's Blues Ball - Live In Amsterdam 11-16-97

2nd Show - 19 Songs

A Perfect Circle - Live At West Arena, Phoenix (04-06-2000)

A PERFECT CIRCLE Concert Broadcast (US SFX/Album Radio Network promo-only radio show CD hosted by Matt Pinfield, recorded live in concert and features 10 songs including Hollow, Brena, Thomas and Rose).

Tracklisting / Additional Info:

1. Intro
2. Hollow
3. Magdalena
4. 3 Libras
5. Sleeping Beauty
6. Brena
7. Orestes
8. Thinking Of You
9. Thomas
10. Rose
11. Judith
12. Maynard Interview


Mordred (US) - Demo I

Demo, Self Produced

1. Sever and Splice
2. Mordred
3. The Chains Are Gone but the Scars Remains
4. Spellbound


Def Leppard on the Howard Stern show.
An acoustic trainwreck.

Def Leppard-Pour Some Sugar On Me.


Alice Cooper
The Electric Ladyland Studios, NYC
September 13, 1991.

No More Mr. Niceguy
Billion Dollar Babies
Only Women Bleed
Sick Things
Feed My Frankestein
Cold Ethyl
Love`s Loaded Gun
I`m Eighteen
Go To Hell
School`s Out
Hey Stoopid


pass if needed; http://dexondaz.blogspot.com/ or dexondaz

Here's Black Sabbath at Cal Jam I
Ontario Motor Speedway, Ontario, CA
april 6, 1974

Tomorrow's Dream 2:52
Sweet Leaf 5:39
Killing Yourself To Live 5:26
War Pigs 7:08
Snowblind 5:06
Sabbra Cadabra 6:00
Sabbra Cadabra: Jam / Guitar Solo 5:31
Sabbra Cadabra: Jam / Drum Solo 3:48
Supernaut 2:00
Iron Man 5:43
Guitar Solo / Orchid 3:20
Instrumental 4:56
Paranoid 2:59
Children Of The Grave 4:35

pass if needed is; http://dexondaz.blogspot.com/ or dexondaz